Im selling a 46 gallon salt water fish tank. Tank has been set up for a while now and is my second salt water tank i have in my house. Im selling it to purchase a newer much larger tank as my fish for my main tank and getting big and need a new home. If your price what i have in the tank you will find $500 for a salt water tank already set up with very cool fish in it is a steal. The tank comes with 2 eels that are very healthy and eating regular also a huma huma trigger and a pearl puffer fish, also it has 30 pounds of live rock a light and a filter. By the time of sale it will also having some other livestock in it like a cleaner shrimp some cleaner crew and an urchin which are very cool and perhaps a 7in pink star fish. Give a call for more info and to take a look once seen it is great addition to any room